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Propane offers everything today's homeowners want and need. It heats our homes to a consistent warmth; dries laundry more efficiently; cooks your meals quickly; puts a warm and cozy fire in the fireplace; heats the water for a relaxing bubble bath; and also fuels the backyard barbecue*. On average, propane fueled homes cost less to operate than all electric homes and in the event of an electrical power outage, vital home functions such as heating and cooking can continue uninterrupted. Make the best choice and choose propane and Jack's Oil Distributing, Inc for your family today!
(*source: Minnesota Propane Gas Association)

Pre-Buy Program
Once a year we offer our customers the opportunity to pre-buy propane gas at a contracted rate. If you chose to take advantage of this program, you are guaranteed a set price for the number of gallons you chose. This is a great way to budget your family's heating costs as well as protect you from potential price spikes.

Keep Full Program
For our residential and commercial customers with consistent heating habits, we offer our "Keep-Full" Program. We will monitor your usage with degree day calculations and deliver propane and schedule deliveries automatically when your family needs it.

Propane Tank Leasing
With Jack's Oil Distributing, Inc., you have the option to purchase your own propane tank or lease one of ours. You will find the advantages in leasing can not only save you money up front, but ongoing maintenance costs as well.  While we have an annual lease fee, by simply using a minimum number of gallons which is equal to 1 times the capacity of the tank, the annual lease fee is waived.  We do our best to ensure the tank size fits your usage needs, in most cases our customers end up leasing our tanks for free!

Warm & Cozy FireAgricultural Heating
Jack's Oil Distributing, Inc. is aware of the needs of our agriculture community as well. We offer special programs for corn drying and farm heating. Call us for details!

Safety Inspections
Jack's Oil Distributing, Inc.'s qualified technicians will automatically conduct an inspection of your propane system during the initial installation of your tank or at the time of the first delivery to ensure the system is in proper working order.  In the event a problem is detected, we have experienced staff to resolve the issue.

Temporary Heating
We offer solutions for all types of temporary heating needs including the propane heater rentals.  Whether you are heating a house under construction or staying warm at your cabin, we can accommodate!